On Tuesday, Teton Valley Community Recycling was awarded a $500 grant from the Community Foundation of Teton Valley’s Youth Philanthropy program. Students at Teton High School honors history class deliberated over how to allocate $5,000 worth of funds to support valuable community projects. Our $500 grant goes towards making a “Recycling in Teton County, Idaho” educational video to be part of a permanent exhibit at the Teton Geotourism Center in Driggs to educate visitors and residents alike on the nuances of recycling in our remote, mountain valley. TVCR is seeking additional grant funding prior to production of this film. We plan to make an extended version of the video for use in local school education programs and on our website. Currently, the county is dealing with a fair bit of contamination in the recycling program and we are coming up with new strategies to tackle to problem. We feel that reaching out to educate tourists and part-time residents could make a big difference and video is the best medium to reach a lot of people effectively.

Another Youth Philanthropy Grant of $925 was awarded to the Valley of the Tetons Library who are working in partnership with TVCR to build our community’s very own Tool Lending Library based at the Victor branch of the Library. TVCR has secured and additional $1,000 of funding through a generous business sponsorship from Silver Star Communications, which gives us enough money to start building shelves and retrofitting the basement to become a tool storage area. Stay tuned as we move forward with this project. We are seeking additional grant funding and will soon be asking the community for tool donations and volunteer assistance to make this project a reality. Hopefully by the time summer rolls around you will be able to check out gardening tools, hand tools for DIY projects, and other kits to learn new skills and fix what you have.

TVCR is very grateful to the students at Teton High School and to the Community Foundation of Teton Valley for supporting our projects and helping to make Teton Valley a wonderful place to live. For more details on this grant, see the Teton Valley News article Students award grants, offer hope.

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