Last week, Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative was awarded the designation of RRR Business Leader, one of the first local businesses achieving this status. Fall River Electric has demonstrated a renewed commitment to sustainable business practices in 2018 by adding cardboard recycling at their Driggs’ office, attending a “Green Event Planning” workshop in an effort to make their annual members’ meeting more environmentally friendly, and installing wind and solar generator projects in local schools.

The RRR Business Leaders program, which encourages sustainable business practices including renewable energy use, waste management, responsible water use, transportation, and employment practices involves a comprehensive self-audit to report current company practices. The program is managed by Jackson’s Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling and is promoted locally for Idaho businesses by the non-profit Teton Valley Community Recycling. Applicants get free support in implementing “greener” business practices through the application process.

While the program has been in existence for almost a decade, Idaho businesses only became eligible to earn the RRR Business Leader designation starting in April 2018. The program is open to any business, non-profit, or government entity and not only offers regional recognition for “green” business practices, but also provides benefits and services, including free waste audits, reduced disposal fees, and a network of like-minded RRR colleagues. Over 170 entities in Teton County, Wyoming, are part of the RRR Business Leaders Network. In Teton County, Idaho, Fall River Electric joins Silver Star Communications, RAD Curbside, TVCR, and the General Laundry Company, as the five current Idaho RRR Business Leaders.

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