Stacey Oldham moved to the area in 1998 after Graduating  from the University of Montana.  While she started as a forestry major, Stacey quickly realized that her skills were more compatible with a career in the arts and graduated with a BFA. Stacey has had a long career in arts and design. In this capacity, she has worked as an ad designer for multiple local publications, been recruited and employed by local and national businesses as a graphic designer, all while working as a freelance illustrator.
Stacey hails from the mid-west, where she developed her deep passion for tending to the health of the planet.  At an early age her grandmother instilled in her the value of conservation, and Stacey has made a mission of educating friends, family and community on protecting the environment.
Stacey lives in Victor with her husband, 2 kids and pup. She strives to keep the household’s environmental footprint small and to raise her kids to be mindful consumers.