A long time advocate for sustainable living, Julie Mueller is a Physician’s Assistant serving regionally in rural western communities from her home base in Teton Valley. She is passionate about the outdoors —from the mountains to the rivers, the local trails and remote spaces in-between, Mueller also brings to the Teton Valley Community Recycling board a deep love for all factions of solid waste and a desire to think creatively and efficiently when it comes to local waste diversion practices and projects.

With a B.A. in ecology, Mueller will eventually confess that she enjoys reading industry publications (Resource Recycling magazine) on recycling and solid waste on her own time. Among her other pursuits, she enjoys hunting, singing in a choral group, skiing, sewing, biking, hiking, floating, traveling and always, laughing.

A former peace corps volunteer, ski coach, and outdoor educator, Mueller is above all, deeply committed to serving her community and her neighbors.