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Teton Valley Community Recycling, RAD Curbside, and Teton County Solid Waste all want to help you reduce the landfill bound waste at your construction site – and in turn, save you a lot of money. Together, we’ve created a 2 minute video outlining the benefits of sorting construction and demolition waste.

View it here in English or in Spanish and share with people on your job site.

RAD Curbside offers a variety of dumpster options for your job site and clear bilingual signs to help keep materials properly sorted. Contact them for information on how best to manage waste from your job site to save you the maximum amount of money.


Please take a look at the attached resources and forms available to you:

  1. VIDEO – Watch the 1 minute educational video on Sorting Construction & Demolition Waste in English or in Spanish.

  2. Sort & Save flyer – What material can be sorted and how much do I save? (Download PDF Here)    

  3. C&D Waste Diversion Worksheet (a useful tool to think about waste at your job site) (Download PDF Here) 

  4. Building permit links:  Teton County, Victor, Driggs, Tetonia, Alta

View the C&D Waste Sorting Video  (Spanish) or (English)