In January, 2014, thanks to funding from the Community Foundation of Teton Valley, Teton Valley Community Recycling launched a new program called “Close the Loop” in an effort to redistribute waste. We work with businesses to find end users for the waste they create. We help these businesses to reduce, reuse, and recycle, of course, but the main goal of the program is to match producers of organic waste with farmers and gardeners who can use it to feed livestock or enrich their compost. If you are interested in participating in this program, contact TVCR at

0-3All residents of Teton Valley can participate through our online swap site, a Facebook group called the Teton Valley Swap Site. Join the group, and post items you think others could use or request things you need. The swap site is restricted to free items only. Need egg cartons for your backyard chickens or some empty toilet paper rolls for an art project in your classroom? The Teton Valley Swap Site is the perfect place to make a request! Are you trying to get rid of extra canning jars, your old National Geographic collection, or some scrap lumber? Offer it on the swap site and see if anyone can use it! Want to swap excess kale from your garden for someone else’s beans? Post it on the swap site! To join the group, follow this link.