Which Plastics Can I Recycle?  And Where?

The TVCR Plastics Collection Shed began as The TVCR Bags to Benches program which gave our community the ability to recycle stretchy plastic bags and plastic film (pallet wrap, case overwrap) That was not currently being recycled by Teton County, Idaho. For two years,  every 6 months, if we collected 500 pounds or more of accepted plastic to ship to TREX, we earned a recycled plastic bench for our community. In 2023, TVCR brokered a deal on behalf of Teton County to allow the materials to be baled, stored and recycled though our local Transfer Station!

The TVCR Plastic Film Collection Shed is located behind the greenhouse at MD Nursery. This shed was generously donated by Grow Huts and supported through the Silver Star Caring for Community Grant.

Which Plastic Can Be Recycled With This Program

Only #2 and #4 Stretchy Plastic (plus cereal bags and Amazon type bubble wrap mailers)

To test for stretchiness, push your thumb through the bag. It should stretch, not “crinkle”.

If you are unsure, please text us and image of the questionable item or throw it into the trash. “Wishcycling” (contamination) is the number one reason volunteer recycling programs like this are shut down.

Examples are pictured below:  (Please consolidate into one bag)

– Grocery Bags (try to bring your own and avoid collecting these)

– Bread Bags

– Bubble Wrap (pack in a separate bag as we donate these to local businesses for reuse)

– Air Pillows (please pop first!)

– Newspaper bags, ice bags (dry, remove metal clip), dry cleaning bags

– Bubble wrap mailers – 100% plastic, not paper or foil

– Ziploc bags – but NOT crinkly zippered produce bags

– Cereal bags (no crumbs please!)

– Case overwrap, plastic wrap, produce bags and wrap (non-crinkly)


– Lawn Care Bags

– Pet Food Bags

– Chips/Snacks Bags or candy wrappers

– Mesh Bags

– Frozen Food Bags

– Meat or Cheese wrappers

– Wine Bags