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A healthy community reduces, reuses, recycles, and rethinks its way towards zero waste.

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There are two ways to recycle in Teton Valley, Idaho. You can bring your recyclables to the Transfer Station in Driggs, or you may pay for curbside pick-up through RAD, who currently holds the county’s waste hauler contract.

Sorted and recyclable items are collected in various locations at the Transfer Station.



Teton County, Idaho has established a recycle/salvage program in order to reduce the amount of waste transported to the landfill by allowing salvageable items to be removed and reused by citizens. The basis of the program is to allow customers access to specific areas of the transfer station site for the purpose of salvaging and recycling useful items.



REDUCING the amount of waste we produce is more important than recycling it. Here are some helpful tips for reducing waste in your life.

Did you know that Americans create 25 percent more waste between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and nearly double their waste right after Christmas?