Support TVCR at the Tin Cup Challenge! All donations through the Tin Cup are matched about 50%, making your money go farther towards waste reduction and recycling programming in Teton Valley.


Support TVCR at the Tin Cup Challenge. Your donation to Teton Valley Community Recycling through the Tin Cup Challenge will be matched (approximately 50%), so your money can support more recycling and waste reduction programs! All donations are tax deductible and can be made online or mailed to the Community Foundation of Teton Valley.

Make recycling beautiful. TVCR thanks members of the Church in the Tetons who volunteered their time on Sunday, June 30th to paint two of the recycling bins at the transfer station. On July 15th, kids from the Teton Valley Community School summer programs painted murals on the blue bins to make them look even better! If you have a group who would like to help paint more bins or add artwork to them, email tetonrecycling@gmail.com. Visit our Facebook page to see more photos.

Kids attending summer programs at the Teton Valley Community School painted murals on two bins at the Recycling Center.


Volunteers from Church in the Tetons celebrate a job well done. 

Kids are especially good at painting the lower parts of the recycling bins!

THANK YOU to everyone who made our TRASH BASH fundraiser a success! View photos on our Facebook page or visit our photo gallery.

Join TVCR's new Facebook group, the Teton Valley Swap Site. The group is a place where residents can post items they want to give away instead of throw away. Group members can also post requests for items they need. The Swap Site is for free items. Click on this link to join, or visit our SHARE page for more information.

Recycle. In Teton Valley, you can drop off recyclables at the transfer station in Driggs, or you can pay for curbside pickup service through RAD Recycling. If you take your recycling to other counties, such as Jackson, WY, there are some differences in what they accept. Check their websites for more information.

Please note that the Teton County, Idaho transfer station is now on summer hours for recycling drop off. They are open to the public on Tuesdays from 8-3, Thursdays from 11-6, and Saturdays from 8-1.

Support businesses that support recycling! TVCR would like to thank the following businesses who provide sustaining resources for waste reduction in Teton Valley.