TVCR Announces New Staff!


Driggs, ID (January 26, 2015) - Teton Valley Community Recycling (TVCR), a community-based nonprofit organization working for waste reduction solutions in Teton County, Idaho, is pleased to announce the selection of Jen Werlin as its new Executive Director and Ginny Newsom as Waste Management Consultant.  Werlin will fill the vacancy left by Tanya Anderson who resigned in December 2014 after leading TVCR for the past three years. “We are very happy to have Jen Werlin join TVCR as Executive Director,” said TVCR’s Board President Jennifer Zung. “Her commitment to waste reduction and recycling, as well as her breadth of experience in nonprofit management and education, will help lead our organization’s efforts in developing ethical waste reduction solutions that are financially and environmentally sound for our community. I am also excited to have Ginny return to TVCR and believe that Jen and Ginny will make a great team,” noted Zung.

As Executive Director of TVCR, Jen Werlin will oversee the organization’s efforts to implement the Teton County Waste Diversion Plan that was completed by Anderson last year, as well as provide waste management educational programs for the public. Werlin brings over a decade of nonprofit management experience to TVCR and has served nonprofits in fundraising, communications, program, and board levels. She has a M.S. in Environmental Science and graduate certificates in Environmental Education and Restoration Ecology from the University of Idaho. “I am thrilled to help lead TVCR, a dynamic and growing organization that is helping to provide lasting economic and environmental benefits for our community. Diverting waste from the landfill not only helps reduce the cost of waste disposal for taxpayers, but also helps stimulate our economy from the sale of valuable materials, all while helping to decrease the environmental impacts of waste,” said Werlin.

Ginny Newsom will work as a Waste Management Consultant to help TVCR evaluate and develop programs and projects in collaboration with Teton County, ID. Newsom, who served as TVCR’s first Executive Director from 1999-2009, has more than 35 years of nonprofit experience and brings a vast amount of knowledge on recycling efforts both abroad and in Teton Valley. While working for TVCR, Newsom helped the county shift from its reliance on an overwhelmed landfill for waste disposal to employing the transfer station that is in use today.  Her efforts were also central to securing the recycling tent that now houses the first-ever, county-run recycling facility.  “I firmly believe that our waste stream can be an economic development opportunity for this county.  There are many materials that have a second and third life, with affordable local efforts,” said Newsom. “I am also very excited by the work Saul Varela has done at the transfer station and look forward to helping continue and expand a strong working relationship between the County and TVCR,” she added.


TVCR featured in the 1% for the Tetons Video Blitz!

TVCR was one of the featured nonprofits in the 2014 1% for the Tetons Video Blitz. Amateur filmmakers "Elucid" created this fantastic video about recycling in Teton Valley. We love the fact that this video used "recycled" clips from the past to tell the story of recycling.


Or click the link below to access the video.


Recycle. In Teton Valley, you can drop off recyclables at the transfer station in Driggs, or you can pay for curbside pickup service through RAD Recycling. If you take your recycling to other counties, such as Jackson, WY, there are some differences in what they accept. Check their websites for more information.

Please note that the Teton County, Idaho transfer station is now on winter hours for recycling drop off. They are open to the public on Tuesdays from 8-3, Thursdays from 8-3, and Saturdays from 8-1.

Support businesses that support recycling! TVCR would like to thank the following businesses who provide sustaining resources for waste reduction in Teton Valley.